Imbewu Specialised Security

Imbewu Specialised Security


24Hr Guarding

Security Guarding
Security Guarding

In Different areas Such as:

*Residential *Estates *Hotel and Resort Security 

*Industrial *Commercial *Corporate & Municipalities 

*Retail *Garages *Churches *Schools *Colleges *Hospitals and Private Clinics 

*Casino's *Internet Cafes *Shopping Centres *Malls and Shops 

*Special Event Security *Armed Escorts and Banking Security

*Bouncers at Clubs and Pubs *VIP Protection and Close Protection Officers

Serving a wide range of business sectors, we have guards that are equipped to handle the challenges of every environment.

Our high customer retention rate reflects the impact of our stringent guard selection, guard integrity assurance programme and superior guard management.

With a 24-hour control room, regular inspections and close supervision, quick management response to incidents, and an ability to redeploy staff at short notice, you can be assured of our reliable service continuity.

All our staff are meticulously screened, trained, presented and monitored.

Our guards do not only secure your premises, assets and people, but make a positive contribution to the front-line impact of your business.

Communication and Two Way Radios

Our Guards use the latest technology of Two Way Radios.

  1. Normal Communication Between Guards, Supervisors and Control Room. 
  2. You the Client can make a direct call from your cellphone to the Guards by just call them.
  3. The Radio can be used for the Guard to Clock on or off Duty with their id cards.
  4. The Radio is a Clocking point unit, so you the Client can be more relaxed as the Guard Patrol.
  5. Panic and Tracking features as well as Access Control Device.
  6. Our Guards, Id Cards can be use when the client visits the site. We will activate an app on your phone so when you tap the card against you phone you can see the Guards Credentials. The Guards id photo, psira info etc will appear. There is also space where the client can comment about the Guard etc.